Monday, February 05, 2007

five months in review

So, a lot of time has gone by, i thought i might bring everyone up to speed. . here are the highlights!

--January 14th, stuck in Tulsa, OK due to the worst ice storm there since, like, 1780. This is a blog story in itself.

The finished painted nursery for our future Little Lavern Long. And if I can just find a sonogram picture, I'll post that. That's a highlight, right? : )

--The Squirrel Massacre of December 2006. isn't that hilarious?

And well, that's all the time i have here. More to come. but don't hold your breath yet.


Mandy said...

oh my gosh. i actually clicked on this link by mistake, then fell out of my chair when i saw that you had NOT ONLY updated, but had also changed the entire look of your blog. wow. i like it. and the nursery! and that squirrel IS hilarious.

you owe me an emergency room co-pay for a concussion for when i fell out of my chair and hit my head on the floor.

bloggershy said...

an emergency room co-pay? oh please. you are ER happy lately. my ER happy friend Mandy. can we say 'deductible'??? insurance, what insurance these days? now i know why women have their babies in bed. maybe i'll trick everyone & have it in the bathtub or something. and then demand refunds for all the previous bills. and THEN maybe i could go on the Today Show or. . Goodmorning America. yesss. . excellent.