Sunday, February 11, 2007

Stuck in Tulsa

So, every year my college girlfriends & i meet up over Martin Luther King weekend. This year we met up in Tulsa, OK because one of the girls had just had a baby & we decided we'd all go to her so she wouldn't miss out on all the fun. and boy, did she NOT miss out. . The bottom line is, no one checked the weather for that weekend. We all arrived in Tulsa on that Thursday. Friday morning we packed up & headed about an hour north of Tulsa to a lake-house, which promised a weekend of girl-time fun. Not only was it on a beautiful lake (i honestly didn't know there were bodies of water in Oklahoma), but the owner of this house owns Arby's. yes, like the fast-food restaurant chain. so, it wasn't just a cabin. it was a lake-mansion. My Tulsa friend had the hook-up with the Arby's folks. i love Arby's. always have. anyways, while we were driving to this hot-spot, it began to sleet. and freeze rain. and other hazardous things. did we turn around? listen to the radio? at least buy an ice scraper? noooooo. . we were completely oblivious. we get to the cabin all giddy & laughing, we make lunch, we're exploring the house.. so, the hours passed, it started to grow dark.. oh, let me just explain that we were in the middle of a vacation-house wonderland, which meant we were the only ones around that were fun enough to vacation in January by a lake. we did know the maintenance man named Bob lived a mile down the road, and if we had any problems we were supposed to call him. So, dark fell and so did more freezing rain & sleet. and then the power went out. and then it got interesting. we scrounged around & found about 3 candles & 1 working flashlight. we immediately lit Duraflame logs in the fireplace (which by the way, don't produce any heat). & we buckled down for cold. thankfully, since my body is currently acting as its own nuclear power plant, i never was too cold. the other girls were pretty miserable. i was like 'heeey, this is great! we're camping!' i got 5 pairs of evil eyes. We started to hear trees fall around us. not good. We eventually called Bob. his power was out also and, well, wasn't much help at that point. i decided it would be best to leave early in the morning & head back to Tulsa, at least where we knew there was power & hot water. Have you ever been in a roomful of girls who are all trying to make a decision based on several different things & feelings & . . . emotions? it was pretty interesting. we finally all decide to go to bed, at least we would be unconscious & cold instead of awake & feeling the numbess in our extremeties creep into our innards. (gross) so, Saturday morning dawned & it was a heck of a lot colder than the night before. We called Bob. his power was on, he said it was just going to get colder & we should get moving. through talking with husbands & dads back home in warm balmy Georgia, we knew there were two other storms coming that day. we called the power company. they didn't know where we were located. good lord. we were screwed.

and then--a knock at the door. it was Bob! our savior! and right here i'd like to say bob was an older Ken barbie doll. hmmm. he announced 'girls, it's going to get colder. ya'll need to head 'em up & move 'em out. i'll be back in 15 minutes, so get packed.' and that was that! Bob knew we were a bunch of girls & that we needed severe authority at that point. so, we threw everything in my friend's Yukon, and Bob came back & led us out to the main road. he had to move several fallen trees along the way. i must say, it was a winter wonderland. it was white everywhere, but not snow. hard, solid, dangerous ice. and so began our 3 1/2 hour drive back to Tulsa on the interstate going 35 mph tops. us & the truckers were the only ones on the road. and a couple ice scrapers. those things are horrible to pass! it was like going through an ice car wash. the fun part was we did stop half-way at the world's largest McDonalds. yes, it's right outside Tulsa and it actually spans across the entire interstate. it's built on an overpass or something. but it was freaking AWESOME. i road the elevator inside. there was a trendy wanna-be starbucks inside & a trucker gift-stop. i mean, that in itself was worth the whole weekend. So, we arrive back at my friend's beautiful warm house in Tulsa that had power & running hot water. my flight was supposed to leave the next day, sunday, but all flights were cancelled til Tuesday. so, we were all stuck. it was actually the most relaxing time i've had in quite a while. when you can't go anywhere & there's no reason to get out of your PJ's, i mean. . how GREAT does that sound? what wasn't so great was DELTA. they stink. no wonder they're going bankrupt. tuesday came & me & friend Melinda were on the same flight back to Atlanta. it was supposed to leave at 5:30pm. we were so excited to get home! 5:15 came and they hadn't called us to board yet. hmm. Melinda went to the desk & the Delta man casually said 'oh, yes, right. we gave your plane to a Salt Lake City flight. your next plane doesn't leave here til 8:45 tonight.' oh my word. so, we got to know the Tulsa airport real well. not much going on there, really. we watched the little ice scrapers buzz around outside forever and we tried to figure out their scraping pattern. it was bad.
so, that was my Tulsa mis-adventure. and next year. . girls weekend in ATLANTA. yep.


Mandy said...

wow...look at you with the mutiple posting within one week. shoot, i am impressed with multiple posting within one month, let along one week.

great story. just think of the memories you will have forever and ever of the lovely weekend you spent freezing solid and exploring the tulsa airport all for the joy of eating at the biggest mcd's in the world. worth every second.

bloggershy said...

truly. my friend Dara accidentally dropped her burger on the floor right after she paid for it, and the mcdonald's lady gladly gave her a new burger replacement. i mean, THAT doesn't happen in Rome, does it?? definitely worth it all to experience that.