Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Baby Update

So Baby Laverne/Alice/Loretta Lynn is still breeched. She is so grounded. My doctor suggested he turn her this week, but I opted to just wait it out. If she's still breeched next week (Tuesday), he'll schedule a C-section two weeks from then (I think it will be two weeks from then). At this point, I just think I'm too big & she's too big to be turned. We'll let her make her grand entrance whichever way she chooses. And hey, she could still turn. I'm not worried. Either way, she'll be fine. Right?


Mandy said...

Absolutely. I mean, if babies know how to do anything, it is how to get themselves born, right?

bloggershy said...

exactly. them babies been birthin themselves fer hundreds of years.