Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fat Tuesday here we come

So, since Little Long is breeched the doc scheduled a c-section yesterday for. . . TUESDAY! that's right, folks. she'll make her grand entrance some time that day, Lord willing. He's still going to try to turn her, but if it doesn't work, i'll already be on the operating table & they'll just do the c-section right then. Tuesday, 10:00am. Get ready.


Mandy said...

ooooooooooooooh, my!!! the day is near!!! april 3, right? good date. I have always liked multiples of 3 & 5. so, if you can't hold out until june 1, then april 3 will be a very good birthday for lola long.

bloggershy said...

june 1st?? oh my word. sounds like hakala. she wanted it born on her b'day may 3rd. and poor joslin, this won't be her b'day baby. . whatever can i do to make it up to her.

Anonymous said...

girl, you will be glad you did the c-section. no labor. a planned cesarean is so relaxing and not rushed so everyone is calm. you'll be glad you did it. of the many women i know that have had planned c-sections they all have said that it was a great experience. but this is just my two damn sense! anyhoo, good luck to you! best wishes for a great delivery of you baby girl!