Monday, April 02, 2007

Surprise Surprise

yeah, so, Natalie didn't want to be scheduled. she started coming wednesday night & i had contractions from 10pm til i realized what was happening at 5:30am. (i mean, never done this before). so, she was born c-section on thursday, March 29th at 10:22 am. Natalie Bethea (pronounced bu-THAY, after my grandmother). anyways, she is perfect. and adorable, and all that other stuff. seriously contented baby. i was clipping her fingernails today & of course i cut her little thumb, and she whimpered. yes, just whimpered. bless her. i love her with a mighty fierce love. here's her little picture from today, i think she's a good mixture. more to come!


Mandy said...

she is SO, SO beautiful! congratulations!!!!

Amy J. said...

I love her. She has such a sweet little face. Congratulations!!!

Lindsey J. said...

Oh she is precious! Congrats! Sorry I am so late at telling you.. Mark and I have been out of town. Can't wait to see her!