Friday, June 01, 2007

Two Months in Review (again)

Okay, so is this not the funniest picture ever? Natalie's so worried that her daddy & me think she is a winner winner chicken dinner. Bless her little heart. But the great news is, she slept eight hours straight last night. Yessiree, I feel like running a marathon. My brain chemicals are somewhat balanced & I think I can make complete English grammatically-correct sentences now (all teachers can correct me). Anyways, that's my excitement 'round here. And I told my sister-in-law I have a blog and thought I'd better post something new in case she checks it out. Gotta play it safe and act like I'm a professional blogger. Ya'll know how it is. And below is after her first woods day-hike, out at Johns Mountain. Look, she ran the whole time & is tuckered out. We're all smiley because we finally found her after her 100-yard sprint to the finish.

And a good little side-ways close up. How the heck do you turn pictures around??

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Anonymous said...

bloggershy! look at you...actually...blogging!!! it's a miracle! hehe. your baby is adorable. that first picture is a classic. love it. and parenthood only gets worse. hate to break it to ya, but it's true. nobody wants to tell anyone the truth like, oh, it's so great! it's all so cute! kids are such a gift! but really, B-Shy-they can be a royal pain. damn, can you tell i've had a day? my 3 year old threw a can of salsa on the floor at Target today and it shattered everywhere.
anyways, glad you got that 8 hours last nite!