Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Longest Post Ever


2008 came and with it, lots more smiles from Natalie, her learning to feed herself, and other accomplishments. . like the 2nd Sonata of Beethoven's 5th, as you can see below. . .

Remember every Martin Luther King weekend, my college group of girlfriends and I get together? Last year, see previous January 2007 blog, we were snowed/iced in in Tulsa, OK. . Well, this time it was the same but in Atlanta, GA. We thought if we moved our location to the South, we would have fun in the sun. But oh, no. .

Maybe we should get smart and do this on Labor Day weekend instead. .

FEBRUARY brought Natalie's first bath with a BOY. . my best friend's son, Jackson--my future son-in-law. .

And below is the Long family after Emmett and I shared the good news--we're expecting another baby in early October! Hooray! See, even Natalie wants to give a shout out to the little peanut. .

And this picture shows how closely related Natalie and the GlowWorm really are. . scary.

MARCH brings warmer weather finally, and lots of time her cage on the front porch. I mean, you do what you gotta do.

Me, my dad, the baby. .

Oh how I wish we could've just bought Natalie at Walmart in a Huggies box for $21.95.

Country girls can surviiiiive!

Right here she's saying 'vroom vroom' because she saw a truck drive by.

awwww, yeah. . it's rough.

Natalie's first birthday! Here she is pre-cake. .

And here she is lickin' her chops. . yeah, so her absolute favorite toys this first year has been these two little stuffed squeaky bugs--a ladybug and a spider. So, trying to be a good mom, I made her little cake with those cute little insects on the top made completely of black & red icing. It sorta turned into a Halloween party. . Next year, polar bears!
Natalie, post-cake.
APRIL brought even more warm weather. . we broke out the sand box she got for her birthday. . and she's been practicing standing on her own (but no walking on her own).

Needless to say, she loves the great outdoors. She inspected her first catepillar, and we had to take it away before she squished it to death.
And here's my wonderful husband making me a garden for my birthday. . awww. Hopefully we will eat the fruits of our labor later this summer! Goodbye, Walmart produce! goodbye!


The Jones Family said...

She is so cute! I love all the fun pictures!

Jennifer Jolly said...

I love, LOVE, the glowworm picture.