Saturday, August 30, 2008

August is Over?

Once again, we're playing catch-up. . We spent July 4th at the First Friday concert downtown and then watched the fireworks afterwards on the levy. Typical Romans!

Here is Natalie and her cousin Mari Olivia talking it over on their grandparents' front porch. I think the conversation included boys, bra sizes, and fingernail polish.

Above, we have Natalie's unsanitary yet fun pass-time in the front yard.

Then, there's a day trip to Chattanooga to visit my future son-in-law--Jackson. Obviously he is star-struck with Natalie's beauty and personality.

Below is the beginning of a love of baby dolls, or as Natalie calls them "Bay-bee dawl". Just today she took baybee dawl into the kiddie pool with her. She submerged baybee dawl, and while holding her head under water said 'Nite nite!'. Very scary.

Here she is, sans baybee dawl.

Below, post first haircut! hooray!

We love rainy mud-puddle days!

and finally, the real news. . potty training has begun! I had decided to not even broach this subject until after the new baby is settled comfortably at home and I have regained maybe 30% of my sanity; but she started saying 'poo poo' and telling me when she had a dirty or wet diaper. So. . I took the plunge and bought a little potty to begin the process of saving us $52/month. From the picture to the left, Natalie passed on her new-found potty training knowledge to baybee dawl #2 (on loan from friend Chloe; she wants Natalie to learn all she can about babies. so cute.)

And from this picture, baybee dawl must be catching on quick.

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Jennifer Jolly said...

Oh my goodness, look at how big Mari Olivia is! Can't believe it.

Such a cute haircut!!