Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fourth Tag

Ohhhkay, so I was tagged to go into my 4th album of pictures, select the 4th picture, and explain. This is me with (from L-R) my Aunt Martha, my mom (sisters), me, and my Grandma. We're in Cuthbert, GA (outside Albany) at the family cemetary. Wheeeee!! And, interestingly enough, I was a few weeks pregnant with Natalie, and I didn't even know it. Fun! Most everytime I go visit my Grandma with my mom we make a trek out to the family cemetary to clean off Grandma's plot. It's just a family tradition. Yeah, real similar to those other family traditions like carving the turkey, opening presents, Advent candles, hanging stockings. yeah, like that. So, here are!
Speaking of, here's a funny story. Well, sorta funny. My mom asked my grandma what she wanted for Christmas this past year. My grandma, always bursting with ideas, said she wanted a nice night-gown to be buried in; not ONLY on to be buried in, but a nice gown for the hospital, pre-burial, as well. So, weirdly enough, my mom was happy to oblige.
There ya go, Mandy.
ps. notice we all have the same eyes and nose. & so does Karis. Neat.


Shannon said...

Look at you with all your posts. Yay!

Mandy said...

Hmmm. Well, Jenny. It is always good to plan ahead, and as a left-brained, ISTJ, I can understand your Grandma wanting I heard on a radio show once where the announcer's grandparents gave him a cemetery plot for Christmas. Happy Holidays!

bloggershy said...

you wanna know what's even weirder? when my parents thought they were going to be living in Chelsea AL forever, my dad made a family tombstone (poured concrete, carved out 'NORTON') and placed it in a random cemetary down this country road near our house. well, they moved a few years later to begin their retirement process in North AL. so, somewhere in a random cemetary in Chelsea is a tombstone for a Norton that will never be used. weird.