Sunday, January 04, 2009

Karis, Christmas, and a grease fire

I'm leaving that stage in life that I call the Dark Cave of Infancy. . waking up at horrible hours of the early morning, learning to breast-feed again (arrrrrrghhh!! that's how I feel about it), and projectile poop (not sure that's over yet, actually). And so now, girls tucked into bed and Emmett & I anxiously awaiting The Unit, I catch my breath and finally update this blog. My motivation? Mandy in Mexico, with no sour cream or onion lays.

Karis Wilder Long arrived on September 29th, our second baby girl. And as I told Emmett yesterday, if I knew every future baby would be as sweet as she is, I'd have ten more. . But I'm thinking it might be okay to stop while I'm ahead. . Seriously, she is the sweetest. I'll be changing her in the midst of a hungry cry, and she'll glimpse me through tears. Suddenly she bursts into a dimpled grin. I love it. And she is so laid back, which comes in handy as Natalie is hugging her neck rather forcefully.

As you can see, I've been introduced to, a photo editing place (thanks, Amy J). It is so much fun. I'm hooked. I think this picture of them both is funny. Karis looks like she's saying 'if she chokes me again, it's over.'

Christmas was great fun. We gave Natalie this amazing ball pit thing. We're only getting her ready for future Chuck-E-Cheese birthday parties.
And now the grease fire part. . Last week I was attempting to make this new soup recipe. I needed to cut up some veggies to cook a bit in oil. I was behind, probably running between a bouncy seat and Little People Land, so I seriously thought 'i'll let the pot get hot so that when i put the oil in, it'll heat up fast & then the vegetables will cook faster.' yeah! brilliant! so, as i chopped celery & onion, the pot got hot. I poured in the oil. And 30 seconds later. . WOOSH! yep, just like that. Fire. Combustion. To the ceiling. In my mind I thought 'fire extinguisher!' but seriously, there was no time to even go for it. Thank God I knew not to throw water on it. I had to get it out of my house, really fast. I put on my trusty pot holder, grabbed the pot, and started to walk it to the door. As I did, the flame got worse and licked up my arm. I thought to myself, well, I'm going to get burned but at least the fire will be outside and away from the girls. As I was walking the pot, slowly, to keep the flame down, Natalie was trailing at my heels saying 'hot! hot! hot!'. Yep, it was. I finally got it in the carport and fanned it around enough that the flame died down & finally went out. Back in the house, it was so smoky that I put Natalie outside on the deck while I opened windows and doors (Karis was napping with the door shut to her room). I came back into the kitchen and smoke was coming in from the carport. Turns out, my pot holder had burst into flames in the carport. Good grief!
So, since then I've slowly been scrubbing down the whole kitchen. It's amazing how smoke like that leaves such a film on everything. I'm thankful that's all it was.
But I gotta get more common sense, man. That's my new year's resolution.


Mandy said...

Love, love, love the pics! Girl, I'm with you on the common sense thing. I totally melted a coffee pot AND a blender to a toaster oven a few weeks ago. Who knew those things got so hot?

Jennifer Jolly said...

Girl. That's all I got. Just a big ol' "Girl."

bloggershy said...

yeahhhh. . i'm pickin up what chu throwin down.

Shannon said...

Yay! A new post from Jenny! I was about to give up. ;) Miss you!