Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Martin Luther King's Curse

So this weekend is GWO--my annual college girls' weekend out. If my fellow bloggers will remember, two years ago I got stuck in Tulsa, OK on this weekend due to the worst ice storm since like 1895 or something. Last year we were in Atlanta, and it snowed & iced uh-lot. But at least we didn't get stuck. This year we'll be on Lake Weiss in Cedar Bluff, AL. . and I'm nervous.
the gang! wendi from texas, stacey & meghan from chattanooga, dara from chattanooga, mindy from tulsa, melinda & olivia from hotlanta, me!
these 2 bottom pics are from Tulsa, OK--taken from the amazing lake house we were in that we had to very quickly abandon due to trees falling all around us.


Kelly said...

You guys should think about doing this little gathering a little later in the year. This is clearly the coldest it's been around here in a really long time!
And thanks for the tip about the toilet paper covers. My toilet paper has been naked for years! Lucky get one for Christmas...I have to make my own!
Stay warm!!

Kelly said...

Woops!! This is right link.
Or maybe I do lead a second life...