Monday, January 19, 2009

An Ode to GWO

It happened again. For the third year in a row, the freezing MLK weekend weather

tried to ruin a good time. But the girls of GWO won. . We arrived at the lakehouse in Alabama Friday evening, unpacked, and started supper. It was looking like a pleasant, relaxing time when I heard 'Hey Jenny, there's no water.' What? Wait, think. Possibilities: the owners keep the water turned off, we have to bring buckets from the lake, it takes a while for the pipes to warm up, the pipes had frozen, the pipes had burst. So, after a quick call to the owner, we turned the heat up to see if the pipes would thaw. And we waited a bit. . Meanwhile we called Stacey, still on her way from Chattanooga, to stop and buy gallons of water. Two of us are breastfeeding mommies. Gotta keep the juices flowing. We resumed unpacking, putting up pack-n-plays for the babies, picking out rooms. . Another call from the lakehouse owner--this time she graciously, very graciously, offered her home for us to stay in instead because she didn't think the pipes would thaw out for a couple of days (they happened to be out of town this weekend). So, a quick decision was made and we began the packing up process all over again. But, we were thankful. Very thankful for a cozy home with water and power waiting for us back in Rome. So off we went! Once we settled in their home and the babies were asleep, we began a weekend packed full of Wii fun, lots of card games, lots of snacking, good food, never getting out of our PJ's, ice down a certain Dr's pants, prayers, catching up, wishes, hopes, toddler-swapping-stories, advice given, advice received, too late nights. . and yes, we slept like angles. That's right.

I bet you're wondering 'when will they change to Labor Day, or Memorial Day? somewhere warm??' Well, that's in the works. You'll just have to wait and see til next year. But really, it's more exciting this way. Much more exciting.

(in the picture: Melinda, Dara and Charlie, Stacey, Mindy, me & Wendi behind. Karis was asleep)

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