Friday, February 27, 2009

for the fun of it

Ah ha! I squeezed a new post in for February, barely. Whew. This month was wrought with back-to-back illnesses in the Long household--bad colds (Natalie and Karis) and The Bug (Natalie, Emmett, me). Five boxes of Kleenex and two boxes of wipes later, we're on the mend.

What's been great about this month is Natalie is talking more and more. It's been tricky deciphering what she's trying to say, but really fun. The other day she sorta moped around the house saying 'why, why, why'; I couldn't figure it out until I realized she wanted to Fly. Of course. 'Fly, fly, fly.' I guess she realized she doesn't have wings? The greatest thing has been every time she sits down to eat a meal, she says 'Jesus! Jesus!' until either me or Emmett or both (preferably both, in her eyes) holds her hand and prays to Jesus. She bows her little head, and at the end says 'Man!' (amen). So sweet.

Karis. . I can't say enough great things about her. She has really been a breeze. She's currently expanding her food groups to oatmeal 'n bananas, carrots, sweet peas, and squash. But she hates green beans. Detests them. And I'm pretty sure she was envious of our frozen pizza & sweet potato french fries tonight.

Next month, Natalie turns two. Two years old. What a wise soul.

Oh, and for everyone's info--the hair-less tailed squirrel is a regular. Ew.

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