Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Flash Back

Last night over a delicious Las Palmas meal with friends, I was re-encouraged to blog more. Perhaps my FRIEND would start her own blog. hint. Anyways, I wondered what I should blog about more. Not everyone wants to read about Natalie and Karis, my whole world at this present stage in my life. So, last night before I fell asleep, I flipped through a thick blue blank book I like to write in. Call it journaling, call it taking life notes. . But I thought I would post something from this little blue book every now & then. So here goes. . Ahem.

Things I hate. . . Twisty-ties. When I'm reaching for a slice of bread the last thing I want to do is try to open the bag for 20 minutes. It never fails, every time I start twisting, it ends up being the wrong direction, and I don't realize it til it's too late. Then I'm so frustrated I just want to rip the whole bag open, but I know my roommate would have my head.

(probably written about '02, while living in Chattanooga with roommate Erica. BFF)

And this was from one of my favorite emails I've ever received:

'Pray that the Lord will make your heart and your convictions firm and steadfast in Him. Remember, one steadfast soul is worth a thousand who get tossed about in the ocean of their doubt.' from Jacci, August '01, on returning from Matamoros, MX.


Mandy said...

Yes, yes. Twisty ties. And I agree, you do need to blog more, because you are awesome and I miss you.

Jenny said...

and we really miss you. really.