Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Leek Pressure

So my confession lately is I've been reading how some stay-at-homers choose to live so healthy and naturally that they make absolutely everything their family eats. There is a meal plan for every meal of the day, every day of the week. No mac 'n cheese, no spaghetti sauce out of a jar. And absolutely no hot dogs, don't you know what those are made of?? Now I love me some home-made food. I'm really trying to learn to do this well, and I do make our meals every night (minus Saturday and Sunday. Fend fo' yo'self) And we do have a small garden out back that hopefully this year will produce much bigger tomatoes than it did last season. . But, these women are soaking leeks, man. Leeks. And other wheats/barleys/whathaveyous. They're grating beets on top of a perfectly good salad. They purchase veggies only from the farmers market, and drink raw milks and cheeses. One lady wrote about her daily schedule. It looked something like this:

6AM: thaw meat for dinner
7AM: morning devos with husband
8AM: bran muffins with cran berry dressing
8:30AM: soak lentils, soak grains, prep for lunch
10AM: morning devos with 2-yr old daughter (wha??)
11AM: rinse diaper pail, soak kidney beans
12PM: salmon sandwich on whole wheat bread with alfalfa sprouts, side of kiwi
1PM: prep for dinner
2PM: make mayonnaise
3PM: snack for daughter--buckwheat porridge
and on and on...

Now I know life is busy with babies, meals, house stuff. . But come on. Where is the mud-puddle time? Where is the reading books time? Trip to the park? Hm.

I'm not priding myself in a better life. I'm sure theirs is fulfilling. But certainly not fun. No siree. You can't tell me she gets a kick outta soaking those leeks. She needs to come spend a week with me.

Life can be fun. Hard, frustrating. But fun. Wear your rain boots, sister. And throw an extra dog on the bar-b.


Anonymous said...

No Leeks, No Leeks!
Rainboots, hotdogs and mudpies everytime!
If you spent your day soaking things at 6:ooam just so you can eat them at 6:00pm, when would you have time to be in the community showing the pagens Jesus? He call you to "go" not soak, well of course you can soak Him up, but not the same thing... i degress... go,go,go - and teacher your babies to "go" to not to soak...
No Leeks, No Leeks!!!
Be plain and simple when you go and tell other about Him!
Much Love, My hotdog, rainboots and Mudpie, Fiend!

Kelly said...

I think I'm a big fan of your way of life over soaking thing all day. And what the heck is a leek?!

dixi + russ said...

wow, this is a little overwhelming for an expectant mom to read. i mean, when people have babies, do they all have things completely scheduled out all the time? or is that just the leek lady? maybe i gotta get myself a day planner with the hours listed in it. mine just has a few lines under each day... or maybe i should keep that one, and only do what there is lines for... so if there are four lines i guess i'll have to do:

1. mud-puddle time.

2. reading books. (Tha would be proud)

3. trip to the park.

4. make mayonnaise. (cause who could go a whole day without making there own mayonnaise...)

now that i look at it that way, this baby schedule thing doesn't look so hard...

dixi + russ said...

by the way, i think you should blog more often too.

Jenny said...

Look at all these great comments! Dixi, that schedule looks perfect. Stick to it and she'll be a well-rounded kid (not sure why I said she. hmm.)