Tuesday, April 21, 2009

30 Things

30 things I've learned in 30 years
1. He is faithful.
2. If it looks funny, it usually is.
3. Listen.
4. Stop signs are on the opposite side of the road in Mexico.
5. Babies change every two weeks.
6. It came to pass.
7. Do it right the first time (unless you're sleep deprived or really sick).
8. If you park a canoe under a rope swing, careful not to swing into the canoe.
9. When it's dark out, drive with your headlights on.
10. Speaking of driving, I am a passing fiend. Get out of my way.
11. Best not to have an adult beverage while on cold medicine.
12. If you lay down for a nap, the babies will wake up.
13. Boundaries are important.
14. The Dominican Republic is so far my favorite country.
15. I should never pick a fight. I am a horrible fighter.
16. Never eat lobster in Pakistan.
17. However, eating lobster in Maine is okay (but expensive).
18. Never stay at a hotel if the night manager asks you if you want to pay by the hour.
19. If you 'borrow' a bunch of pumpkins from a pumpkin patch, be sure there are no attack dogs next door.
20. Roasting hot dogs over a candle is disgusting.
21. I set the tone for my home.
22. When angry, count four. When very angry, swear. Mark Twain
23. My husband is always right, and that is so free-ing.
24. I really struggle with common sense (see #20, #11, #9, #8)
25. If you're standing in a strange hole in a cave, it's probably a wolf den. Get out.
26. Working third shift is life-altering.
27. The first two years after college strengthened me for the next ten.
28. Clean as you go.
29. Try not to look back.
30. Again, great is His faithfulness.


Kelly said...

Those are great things to know! I hope I'm that smart when I turn 30!

Mandy said...

Wise woman.