Sunday, April 19, 2009


Okay, all these pictures were supposed to be put at the end.. so, pretend they're at the end and proceed to the actual post.

Nat 'n Karis--fresh up from a nap.

Natalie's new favorite past-time.


Baby Karis helping with the laundry.

Easter! Look at that cute baby!

Sunday afternoon...naptime. Sleeping husband. Baseball on the tele. Devoured veggie soup and pecan pie. Trying to figure out where to begin.

I could play catch-up over the last, um, month. But that sort of seems daunting & tiring. Instead, I'll just talk about the interesting things. Pull up a chair.

Natalie turned 2 years old. She loved her party, but didn't eat much of her cake. I created an Elmo mini-cake for her. I was sorta glad she didn't destroy it. It was art. The funnest part of the day is when her Uncle Nathan (Nan-nan) gave her a CD of new music. She immediately ran to the little kitchen CD/radio & wanted to listen to it. For the next 20 minutes we (grandparents, Aunt Jeanette, 2 uncles, mommy, daddy) danced in the kitchen. That was great fun.

There was a really hard week in there. I had the worst sinus infection known to man-kind. Or, just me. I did my best, though, and the girls still love me & are alive & well. I survived and realize now just how much more my husband loves me. He has the gift of sympathy. I vowed to work on my non-gift of sympathy.

I'm watching Braves baseball and keep hearing about Greg Norton. That's my brother's name. Weird.

So on the day of hail & the tornados of North Georgia, my little family & I were driving right through the heart of it. We were on our way to Gainesville to visit Emmett's family & celebrate mine & the father-in-law's birthdays. It was about 7pm, we were just on the other side of Canton. It had been windy, the sky was eerily green. But really, we weren't too nervous. It takes a lot for Emmett or I to get worked up about anything (which makes raising a baby & a toddler that much less stressful). We even drove through one little town that had their tornado warning siren on. Talk about piercing! But on we drove. We started to get a bit nervous when the hail came. Then, we saw a funnel cloud. And from that moment on we were both very very very nervous. I've never seen anything like it. I think I'd like to see it again, but maybe from the comfort of an underground steel hide-out building thing. It wasn't like a raging tornado was running alongside of our car with Helen Hunt picking up scattered tornado-detecting devices or anything. We saw it form, and as quickly as it formed & swirled around, it disappeared. We were trucking it--getting out of Kansas as fast as we could. We had to have been going about 60mph (2-lane windy road), and those clouds were going as fast as we were. And then, from behind the swirling wall cloud--

Okay, enough about the tornado.

I turned 30! I'm still not sure what I think about it. I think I need to go on a retreat--a Survivorman experience, if you will, to digest it. Hm. I'll probably just post a blog instead. Anyways, my sweet friends took me to lunch. Love those girls. I really do. And my sweet husband is buying me a swing for our deck (we just can't get it home from Lowe's without a truck. Sad). I look forward to the summer nights swinging away, sipping an adult beverage. And swiping the mosquitos and gnats & sweating profusely. Yes, I'm a realist (very different from a pessimist).

Anyhoo, it's been great fun 'talking' with Natalie these days. Here's an example of a conversation we had, actually directly after my birthday lunch at Las Palmas. My friend Michelle gave Natalie a wonderful big orange balloon from the restaurant and tied it to Natalie's wrist. Boy, that was exciting. From the restaurant, the babies and I swung by Walmart on the way home. As we were standing in the check-out line, that wonderful orange balloon somehow escaped her grasp and floated to the ceiling. The very tall ceiling. She, of course, immediately cried and was so very sad. I comforted her by saying how wonderful the orange balloon was, but how she had a pink one at home that she could play with. . Here is our conversation that we have had repeatedly at least once a day since that fateful occurance. . .

Nat, pausing in mid-play: "Orange, orange"

Me: "Yes, the orange balloon floated away in Walmart, didn't it?"

Nat: "Bird, bird."

Me: "It flew away like a bird, right?"

Nat: "No, Natalie. No."

Me: "And Natalie was too short to reach it."

Nat: "Mama, no, Mama."

Me: "And so was mama."

Nat, pausing to think: "Teh-sis, no. Teh-sis."

Me: "And Karis was too short, too."

Nat, brightening: "Pink! Pink!"

Me: "But you had a pink balloon at home, right?"

Nat, satisfied: "Yep."

And, in about 15 minutes, she will start it all over again. . "Orange, orange," "yes, you had an orange balloon that floated away..." "Bird, bird," "Like a bird.." and so on. . and so on. . forEVER.

She is so much fun. And I will have the world know that she counted to 16 at the dinner table about a week ago. Amazing, I tell ya.
It is totally my bed time.


Anonymous said...

After reading about the tornados, should I call you "dorathy"? the yellow brick road side effect now makes sinces!

About that swing, to bad you don't know a family in town that has not one truck, but two! Oh wait... you do! All it takes is a phone call and that swing can be at your home! We are nice like that! Seiously - come get a truck get that swing home. How sad is it that you need to run to Lowes to enjoy your b-day gift!

Shannon said...

Miss you, and love reading about your sweet family's life on here. Keep them coming!

Jenny said...

awwwww...where have you BEEN?