Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Catch up!

Has it really been a month? Good grief, the wheels fell off the wagon!

Have you ever heard that saying? 'the wheels fell of the wagon'. Me, either. Emmett used it the other night and I've been trying to incorporate it into all my conversations.

Anyhoo, what's been happening? Well, we're not sick, that's what! Yay! Emmett went to see an allergy/asthma specialist and got on some new meds. Ever since then, he's been well which means we've ALL been well. It's a whole new world!

So, May. So far so good. We went to Mississippi last weekend (Fri-Sat; one night is not recommended) to visit E's grandmother and Aunt. While there, we all went to the local Buffalo Park. Not only were there herds of buffalo/beefalo/water buffalo, but there were monkeys, camels, alligators, and (Natalie's favorite) giraffes. Very exciting. Picture this. . a school-bus load full of people. 90% humidity (I'm a huge fan of humidity, but this was a bit uncomfortable for even me). Emmett and Natalie on his lap. Aunt Martha next to Emmett. Me and Karis by the window. Grandmother next to me. TIGHT. We head out to see and feed the buffalo, zebras, and camels. Emmett and Natalie and Aunt Martha get off the bus to feed the herds of animals. Karis and I stayed put because I didn't want Grandmother to have to get up and off the bus again, and I wasn't about to climb over her. A camel approaches the bus, our window to be exact. Karis spots him. And, in her not-baby-giggle-kind-of-adult-laugh, she goes, "HA! ha ha ha ha ha ha!" It was hilarious.

And Emmett told me Natalie's view of the buffalo was 'dirty' and 'make mess'. I have no idea whose daughter she is.

And let's see. . anything else. . Yes, this video is pretty darn funny. If yer happy and you know it, shake your head!

And I'm very excited about my veggies:

Here we have strawberries in the back, 4 tomato plants, cilantro, and a huge bush of sage. Not sure what to do with all that sage.

Notice the grass really needs cutting.

Peas please!

20 tomato plants and 12 squashes. Notice all the sunshine is just past my garden. Oh well. It does get decent morning sun. The make-shift fence around it is because our new neighbors have 3 doggies that escape their fence & wreak havoc in our yard.

And lettuce. I hate lettuce, ever since Natalie's pregnancy; but, it sure looks tasty!

This weekend we're super excited because we're not going anywhere we don't want to, nor is anyone coming to visit! We're big fans of the chef Gordon Ramsay (although we do NOT like his language; because we do NOT cuss. Ever) and we're attempting his famous beef wellingtons. And I'm making a squash casserole (from the farmer's market downtown), green beans, and apple cobbler.

I just put Natalie down for a nap and she had to sleep with her Walmart stickers. The Walmart greeter gave her two stickers and then looked at Karis and said 'I could just squeeze the stuffing outta you.' I smiled and quickly left.

Here are a few pictures from the month. .

We had Rainy Hat Day.

Karis obviously hates Rainy Hat Day.

Natalie is speaking in almost sentences and still making up stories. I'm trying to teach her to say 'Help me, Mama' when she needs help instead of just freaking out as she is inclined to do. So, I hear

'Hep me mama' uh-lot. But I am happy to help. It's much better than 'NOOOOO! OOHHHH NOOOOO!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!' My poor intense child. And, the other night Emmett and I were playing with her before bed-time, and we kept saying 'Natalie, it's almost time to go night-night'. She started to get upset, and I got onto her a bit. Then she said 'Yeah. O-bey.' I was floored.

Here's to Memorial Day!

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