Sunday, May 24, 2009

What I Love About Rome (Georgia)

1. I'm beginning to learn where cops hang out. Speeding ticket cops, that is.
2. The Walmart parking lot is fairly safe mid-day (meaning traffic), thus allowing me to hold Karis and hold Natalie's hand while walking the half-mile to the entrance. I couldn't imagine doing that in a busy Publix parking lot, with an attached Target and Starbucks. Yeah, so, you can stay in Cartersville, you hoity-toity stores (did I just say that??).
3. You can still find some restaurant/deli you haven't visited.
4. An occasional waitress will voluntarily take Natalie's empty sippy cup to the kitchen, rinse it out, and re-fill with juice. Love that.
5. Once when the pharmacy didn't have a medicine Emmett needed, a couple of days later this white-haired gentleman in a run-down truck delivered it to our door.
6. Within about 15 minutes, you can drive to pick your own strawberries or blueberries.
7. Seeing a girly SUV on the road with 'Honk for Tits' spray-painted on the side makes me laugh hard. I think if I were in Atlanta I would avert my eyes and hunker down behind my steering wheel.
8. You can run to the local lotto/cigarettes/alcohol station and pick up a needed can of evaporated milk.
9. I have never had a door slammed in my face while pushing a stroller.
10. I was married here and my babies were born here. I love Rome.

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