Sunday, June 28, 2009

Here's the Skinny

Great idea, Dix.

the first time i went skinny dipping. . it was the summer of '97. i got my first real 6-string, bought it at the 5&dime. no, just kidding. . i was about to head off to college in TN, and in my circle of friends, i was the one leaving town. two of my very close friends were twin sisters. love those girls. they were the kind of friends who walked on the very edge of 'rough'. glamerous, but dangerous. me and those girls had so much crazy fun. . playing in the fountains in downtown Birmingham and then getting chastised by a policeman for playing in said fountains. . sneaking out of my mom & i's apartment to hang out by the pool in the middle of the night. . stopping on the interstate to take pictures in the median in all those protected wildflowers. . . hanging out at the top of parking decks at the Galleria til the wee morning hours. . (the best conversations happened there!). . and other things i'll leave unsaid. i have a reputation to protect. don'tcha know it. anyways, back to the story. i lived way out in the country on a lake (also lived in an apt with my mom, another story for another, more sadder, time). the scene is set. we came home, both my parents were at work. on a whim we lost our clothes on my porch, ran down to the dock, and jumped in. i'll never forget that. hilarious. then we ran inside, grabbed towels, & went to the shower. while we were upstairs, my dad came home. i forgot our clothes & undies were strewn all over the porch. but he walked right past them. he never said anything about those clothes everywhere. what a dad!

the second skinny dipping occasion was with at college one late night in a random lake with friends. the third was with my bridesmaids the night before my wedding. the silver crik is cold in april, let me tell you.

well that was easier than i thougth!

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dixi + russ said...

okay the dip before your wedding is priceless! i love that you did that. And who knew you have been skinny dipping so many times! i have only been once...