Sunday, July 19, 2009

40 Things About Her

1. she's not really 40
2. she loves buttah.
3. she loves Jesus.
4. her little friends call her Miss America. No one knows why.
5. She hangs with super heroes.
6. she ain't from around here.
7. she's from The Hood.
8. her daughter is my daughter's role model.
9. i hope her youngest son waits for my oldest daughter. might be weird, but it could work
10. she doesn't know how to dance the Stanky Leg Dance.
11. i'm pretty sure she's played every sport there is.
12. i love her tuna salads.
13. you can always get an honest answer.
14. she & i should probably not spend too much time together lest we say bad things.
15. but we're friends.
16. she's friendly.
17. she loves to talk, which i admire.
18. i love that she knows a lot of things about Proverbs.
19. the first time i met her she was wearing a crazy sweater. i bet she doesn't know that.
20. she's a mean cook
21. but she's not mean. see #16.
22. she's the one to invite to a par-tay. one that is playing the Skanky Leg
23. i couldn't imagine packing up my family to come live in Rome,GA
24. she knows when to hold 'em.
25. and she knows when to fold 'em.
26. she knows when to walk away.
27. and she knows when to run.
28. she works very hard to make a difference.
29. i admire her relationship with her husband.
30. she has great ideas.
31. and she's a great delegator. (ahem.)
32. she loves young moms.
33. like me.
34. she has a beautiful kitchen.
35. i can't wait to see where she lands.
36. she has a lot of answers.
37. she asks a lot of questions.
38. i am thrilled to be living along side her.
39. she thinks i'm amazing.
40. i think she's amazing, too.

41. happy birthday, mee-shell.


jordan said...

This is quite the tribute. Love that lady!

Mandy said...

that? well, that was awesome. great writer, excellent subject.

Jenny said...

mandy! where are you??

Kelly said...

Well said! Love it!

Mandy said...

Georgia!!! Watching English! And drinking sweet tea!