Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Day in the Life

8:40 a.m. Oatmeal. I want oatmeal. Where is Mama? I’ll just

lay here

a little bit longer. . Ah! So hungry! Oatmeal!

There’s Mama. Hugs and kisses. No time for

that! Fill my belly! Is my pink spoon clean? I have to eat with my pink spoon. Yay! Pink spoon is clean!! Mama changes my diaper. She’s starting to wonder if I will ever be potty trained. Not yet, I say. Not yet.

There’s Karis. She’s eating her oatmeal, too. She’s so messy. Wait a second, I’m eating oatmeal?? I want a poptart!! Poptart!! Well, shoot. No poptart today. Can I watch Dora? Dora! Dora!

Okay, finish my oatmeal.

9:30 a.m. Where Mama go? Must be taking a shower. What? I’m supposed to babysit Karis?? WhatEVER. I’m going to my room. She better not follow me.

9:45 a.m. Noo! Don’t bring Karis in here! She’ll drool on everything! Nooooo! Okay. I’ll give her something to play with. Here, here’s my old ratty doll. I’m learning to share my most un-valued possessions.

10:00 a.m. Wanna play ball, mama? Yay! Outside play! Okay, the trick of this game is to run and run while mama runs with me and kicks the ball far far away so that I keep on running and get tired and take a good nap. Wait, is that it? Is that the secret?? Shoot. Let’s play in the water instead! Swim in the lake, mama! What? We don’t have a lake? Oh. Well spray me with the water hose instead.

Let’s all wave to the prisoners in the trash truck. Hi, prisoners! Hi!

10:45 a.m. Karis goes inside for a nap. Yessss, now mama all to myself. Go play on deck, mama? Yay! I want to paint, mama! I love to paint. Pink paint. But I hate it getting on me, but mama doesn’t seem to mind. Daddy’s always so good about keeping me neat and clean. Mama could care less, apparently. Wait, where is mama? Oh, weeding the garden. Gotta go help her.

11:15 a.m. Juice! I want juice! Whew. So dehydrated. Time to cool off inside.

11:30 a.m. Calliou! Time to watch Calliou! I love this boy. He’s so cool. But mama has to stop it every now & then and explain that we can’t whine like him. He’s such a whiner.

12:00 a.m. Lunch! Ooh, I hope it’s mac ‘n cheese. Or a hot dog. I love hot dogs. What?? Turkey?

? Okay. Just a little bit. . All done, mama! Karis done, too, mama! Outside play!

I love our stroller rides. I get to help mama push Karis in the stroller now. I walk like a big girl. I love to walk in the ditch for some reason. I point out all the rabbit statues. Our neighborhood is full of rabbit statues. Mama says they’re in a Rabbit Army.

Back to our house! Play ball, mama? She always wants to play ball with me. Must be something about that tiring me out thing. Oh well, I love it. Karis loves it, too. She wants my ball so bad,

but I never give it to her. Sometimes she eats the grass while she watches me and mama play. Once mama found an acorn in her mouth. Mama says I never ate acorns or leaves or grass. She says Karis is an herbivore, whatever that means.

Sometimes mama lets me and Karis play in the pink pool. She never puts on our bathing suits, even though I ask her all the time. She says it’s too much trouble

and I can just get in with my clothes on. Oh well, that’s fun too, I guess.

It’s always exciting when our neighbor dogs Izzie and Billy Bob decide to take a nap in our carport. That is VERY exciting to me and Karis.

I’m starting to get real whiny & tired. This exercise thing is working. Time to go inside. I get fresh juice and a little snack. Mama tells me to play in my room. I love to play in my room. I never know what she’s doing while I’m playing in my room.

2:00 p.m. What? Time for a nap! Noooo! New story? Okay! I love new stories. . Whew, I’m getting sleepy. Nite-nite, Mama.

4:00 p.m. Awake! I awake! Where Karis? Let’s go wake her up! There she is! Snack, mama! Juice! Karis went poopoo? I see poopoo! I help too, mama. I play in room, mama. I play with Karis. Here, Karis. Nooooo, Karis. No no no no. No pinching, Karis. No ma’am. I talk just like mama.

5:30 p.m. Deedle-dee’s home! Yay! Play on bed, Daddy? Okay! Bye-bye, mama! I go play on bed with Deedle-dee! Bye-bye, Karis! I love to play on the bed with Daddy when he gets home. I have to tell bye-bye to mama because it’s way down the hall, and she will miss me.

5:45 p.m. Supper time! Hooray! What? No hot dog? I want down! Play more, mama! Mama says I will eat when I get hungry and that I won’t starve. That’s comforting.

Sometimes we go on a stroller ride after dinner. Karis sits behind me and she likes to pull my

ponytail. I say ‘No no, Karis.’ Sometimes we go to the fancy neighborhood across the street where there are lots more statues, like lions, frogs, pineapples, and baby angels. It’s a big Rabbit Army out there.

7:30 p.m. I love this time of night because mama turns the music up really loud and we all dance in the living room. My favorite song is ‘Jeremiah was a bullfrog’. It really makes me groove. I get really silly and run all over the house playing hide-and-seek. Daddy says I don’t understand the game yet, but it’s fun to me. I will hide with Daddy and Mama has to find us. I love that game.

Mama puts Karis to bed while me and Daddy get a bedtime snack. Sometimes he lets me look at funny animal videos on his laptop. Funny stuff.

8:00 p.m. What? No! Play more! One more time! Oh, new story again? Okay. Nite-nite, Deedle-dee! Mama puts me on the potty. I never do anything, I don’t know why she does this. I brush my teeth while I sit there. I like that part because Elmo brushes his teeth, too. I want to be just like Elmo.

New story! Another book! One more book, mama? No? Okay, fly into bed? I love this. Mama swings me in the air til I finally land in bed. That’s great fun. Nite-nite, Mama. Turn light off, mama. I have to tell her these things because she may forget. .

Here are all my babies in bed with me: Raggedy Anne, Baby Turner (after my friend Turner), Dora, Diaper baby, Baby Etsy (?), Baby Jack (after my bff in Chattanooga), Big Baby, and finally my favorite—Baby. Nite-nite, babies. Tomorrow is another exciting day.


Michelle said...

I think calliou is a whiner too! that kid drives me crazy.. poor rosie! Natalie, loved hearing about your day! Love you little lady!

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so tired after that! How do you do it?

Jenny said...

Lots and lots of weed. . ing my garden. very lethargic.

dixi + russ said...

i love this.