Wednesday, July 29, 2009

For Dixi

A new mom will be born in about 3 or 4 weeks.

These are things I wish I'd known.

1. it's okay to send your baby to the nursery while in the hospital. you'll need the rest.
2. Pampers for newborns, Huggies for later.
3. new babies really do sleep a lot. take advantage, and enjoy it.
4. take pictures of her sleeping.
5. formula is not devil's juice.
6. once you feel up to getting out, take her with you.
7. if she screams while riding in the car, take yourself to a happy place. turn on your favorite music. not much else you can do.
8. let everyone else hold her.
9. eat raw carrots once you get home from the hospital. it'll help move things along. you know.
10. take a walk around the block if she's asleep, safe & sound in her crib. you'll need the fresh air.
11. remember who you are and what you love.
12. Lanolin, lanolin, lanolin.
13. let your family figure out what's best. you might find something that works better by watching them.
14. don't drink milk or orange juice or apple juice. trust me.
15. you will understand what rainbow poo is.
16. keep breastfeeding for 6 weeks. it gets better. after that, stop whenever you're ready. you're the mama.
17. that tiny stage really is so precious.
18. get to 6 weeks. then get to 4 months. then 8 months. then it's great fun.
19. keep the stuff simple.
20. don't feel pressured about anything. you will know what's best when the time comes.

You're a lucky girl, Caedmon Clair!


Michelle Hankins said...

Great List, Skipper!!! Listen to her, Dixi - she is a great mom!

Anonymous said...

I wish someone had given me this list before my first child. Words of Wisdom!

Amy J.

Jenny said...

oh, and beer makes the milk flow. fyi. ha ha ha, just kidding. wait, no. just kidding. no wait, just kidding. no no. just kidding. really. just kidding.

dixi + russ said...

okay, so i was unaware of this blog post until Michelle told me about it. I was on a blogging hiatus until yesterday... Thanks for the great advice Jenny! I think i will print it out and put it on the fridge (i'm serious.) but my only question is why can't i drink milk, orange juice, or apple juice after she gets here?
P.S. it is just clair, no "e", just like me. but no worries, she isn't here yet, so she didn't take offense. love you jenny!!

Jenny said...

aw shoot, i thought i had her name wrong! maybe she'll forgive me. wait, i can fix it. hold on here.

oh, if b-feeding, milk might make her tummy hurt; and apple & orange juice makes her poo really really runny. like, more than usual. it's the acid. who knows, try it in small quantities & see what happens first. she might love it. : )