Monday, July 27, 2009

A Memory

Today, while grocery shopping in Tiajuana, I decided to grab a big bag of Reese's Pieces as incentive for potty training my eldest. I've tried everything else, maybe she'll catch on with one of my favorite candies. .

And then I remembered a fun story. One afternoon when I worked at Legacy (Perot Systems, or whoever has taken them over today), I headed to the kitchen for a snack. Beside the coke & snack machines was a gumball machine full of Reese's Pieces; put a quarter in and get a handful. You know how it goes. I thought that would be a nice pick-me-up, so I stuck my quarter in and held out my hand. A few came out. And then more.. . and more. And more. I looked sheepishly around the kitchen. No one in sight.

Now here's an ethical predicament. I'm really not good at ethical predicaments.

I grabbed the nearest styrophome cup and filled 'er up. It was heaven.

That afternoon I reached productivity in record time.

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Michelle Hankins said...

Not seeing the ethical issue.... You gave the machine the money requested, you can not command how many it gives out. What if you wanted to give it all back? You would have had to call the candy machine man and asked him to come get the extra that came out. You would have to stand there for hours while waiting for them and your hand would get all sweaty and then the candy coating would melt off on to your hand and you would have sweaty candy - to do what with? Put back in the candy machine for the next person - gross!!! - Which speaking of ethical issues... what about all the time you would have used on company time just waiting for the candy machine man to come so you could put them back. Sounds to me like you made the best decision. Think of it this way - the candy gods blessed you that day - and your company benefited with high productivity for you! Good to hear that you're keeping things on the up and up on the west side, skipper!