Thursday, July 02, 2009

my favorite pictures (so far)

I'm doing this partly because I love lists and categorizing and organizing, and partly because I fear our aging laptop will die and leave me with none of my digital pictures and I will lose all sense of identity.

my all-time
favorite picture of Natalie. such a pretty

check out the date on this mini calendar thing. this always hung in my locker, starting with 7th grade. not that it's a reflection of me. or anything like that. at all.

my mentor/discipler in college (currently missionary in south africa). because of her impact on my life, i made several key decisions that landed me where i am right now.
God used her tremendously, and i pray Natalie & Karis have someone in their life like her.

this is a special note she wrote while i was
working in Mexico one summer. i'll always keep it as key reminders of Whose I am.

this also always hung in my lockers or at my cubicle when i got into the working world. . i just think it's hilarious.

my all-time favorite picture of Emmett!

a good friend of mine took this picture for me. . can you see it? it's sacred ground.

Chelsea, AL. my backyard at my childhood home. awwww. . see those woods? goes on & on til it reaches a wide river and a rail road track. i know every square inch of that country!

Seagrove Beach, FL (Seaside). my dad vacationed here when he was a boy, when there was nothing for miles. it's been our family vacation spot since i was 12. i love this place.

my big brother, big sister, me in the swing. (random cousin to the side)

my bff. we became tight friends at summer camp when we were 15, 16, 17. lost touch. quite literally ran into each other our sophomore year of college on registration day. how bout that! she knows me better than i know myself. which is scary, and informative. she is my touchstone, my encouragement. i thank God for her.

my friend (above) and i put several locations in a hat (seriously) and drew out 'maine'. so, we drove to Maine (from Chattanooga), and camped outside of Bar Harbor for a week. this was one of the many sunsets we saw, at the base of our campground. what an adventure.

me and my Daddy. (do you see Karis?)

Finally! i have seriously been working on this blog for probably 2 weeks. way to go, jenny! you're the BEST! aMAZing!

and now we're off to vacation til Saturday. peathe out, bloggy woggy world.

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Kelly said...

Love it! I just learned so much about you. I love that you knew every inch of your huge backyard. Awesome!