Sunday, August 23, 2009

do not exceed your physical ability or. . dexterity?

every year Emmett & I do something fun for his birthday. . we called in the double force--my parents--to watch the banshees, and headed out.
oh, you think. that's nice. i bet they'll see a movie, go out to dinner, remember the good ol' days as a solo couple.
nah. we throw predictability to the wind and we head to White Water. that's right, the pre-teen-redneck-youth group capital of the world.
i've never loved White Water. i only went once when i was 12, and while i was there Aunt Flo came to visit for the first time ever. so, not such great memories. but today was fun. aside from the two times i was certain i was going to die, it was a grand ol' time.
do French people love White Water? because there were a lot of French speakin' folks there. i felt like i was at Disney World. but i've never been there, either.
i can't tell you how many infants & babies we saw being drug around and wearing oversized life-jackets. who's idea of fun was that?? poor kids.
everywhere you could walk in the park there was a very nice talking lady on the loud-speaker saying 'do not exceed your physical ability or dexterity while riding the water rides.' what? why dexterity? why not. . stamina? why not. . capacity? because the folks at White Water CERTAINLY understand the meaning of dexterity.
and finally, while standing in one of the lines, we were reading the precautions and warnings and what-not-to-dos. Rule #13 read: You may not wear water moccasins.

The next time Sacagawea decides to go to White Water, she's outta luck wearing those dumb shoes.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Dexterity was her word of the day and she had a quota of how many times she needed to say it.

Aunt Flo does have a way of ruining thing for a lifetime. Poor Skipper!

Funniest blog post ever... I am reading it during college connect and the are all looking at me.

jordan said...

Hahaha, this is really funny. I'm so glad you guys went to White Water. It's quite the experience.

jenny said...

now we've gotta live up to this experience. if i suggest a show or meander through a museum for my birthday, it just wouldn't be the same. i'm thinkin Lake Winnie. or heck, Six Flags. or one of those petting zoos in Cartersville.

Anonymous said...

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