Tuesday, August 18, 2009

great. just great.

me and the girls usually go to Tiajuana (okay, biases aside. . Walmart) every Monday morning. there is about a 45-minute window in my 10-month old and 2 yr-old that means such a trip will go smoothly. happy baby; curious, playful toddler. i create my route the night before. start in the back with the dairy and work my way around to the produce. 45 minutes. i see my products from 20 feet away. my cart wheels swiftly across the white floor. . it knows me. it feels the pulses in my fingertips and almost pulls me along. ah yes, natalie's box of cinnamon oatmeal. such a beautiful, warming picture. . next, my apple cinnamon breakfast bars--such a peaceful green scene. the tomato soup, red red. the cream of celery, light kiwi lucious green. by this time, i'm humming a tune, stopping every now & then to urge the toddler along. . 'help me find the juice. can you pick it out?' oh yes. there it is. a big red apple on the front, glistening beneath an early morning dew. . sometimes Tiajuana can be down right delicious.until. .
until this.
a white-wash sea of confusion.

it's as if someone ripped off the needle from the record player in mid-tune.

suddenly, my 45-minute window turned into 96 minutes of horror.

what is this? a box of Ritz? no. it's a box of tuna fish flakes. put it back. where is the cinnamon roll oatmeal box? wait, is that a picture of a bowl of oatmeal? no. cream of wheat. gross. put it back. . okay, the contents are yellowish, it must be our applesauce. upon second glance, it's pitted olives. put it back. well, a box of jello should be easy. same size. yes. great. wait, no. it's rice pudding. .

this may take me a while.

way to go, Walmart. way to go.


Mandy said...

for the record, tuna fish flakes are delicious when sprinkled over rice pudding

jenny said...

what has mexico done to you??