Thursday, August 13, 2009

let's get this potty stahted

i wasn't sure i was going to post about this, but i figuered we're all adults. we can handle it. and i secretly really want to see what a new post will look like on my new bloggy woggy.
so, potty training. natalie stays in big-girl underwear around the house all day these days. pretty impressive. and it's really cute to me to see her little bitty bottom now. it'd been hiding underneath bulky diapers for so long. is that strange to say? sorry. moving on.
she had just gone to the potty, so i figuered she was fine. she and karis were playing on the kitchen floor. i was on the phone watching them, and saw a massive puddle erupt from beneath natalie. sigh. so i whisk her off to the potty. dry bottom. dry underwear. back to the kitchen.
and what did i find. . karis was playing in aforementioned puddle. yep. playing. while picking her up, natalie walked across puddle, slipped, and fell straight on her bottom. wet again.
it was like a pee party. but no balloons, or cake.
i think if there had been cake, it would've been fun.

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Michelle Hankins said...

Look at you and your new page lift! So cool!

a potty always needs a Stanky leg dancer - call me next time!

I miss the Long girls!