Wednesday, September 09, 2009

the challenge

so, upon reviewing my old posts & such things, i noticed i've never posted more than five times in one month. so, here's the challenge. one down, 4 to go. does this one count?


let me think of something note-worthy.

i got it.

the husband and i are puzzling. what? is that gross? no, really. just putting a puzzle together. it's a hard one. it's a tradition that we put one together every Christmas, while listening to Christmas music, but for some reason, he was determined to put one together now.

and i gotta say, i'm enjoying it. when the girls go to bed, we do things that have to be done (noooo, sickos), like cleaning the kitchen, emailing, phone calls, twittering (um, just kidding), and then we gather 'round the table & puzzle.

i don't think we've talked this much since last Christmas Puzzle (aside from 'grab her, she's about to break the stereo system', or 'natalie peed on the floor again'). for fun, we listened to Christmas music the other night.

speaking of last night (what?), i was coming off of a really bad-feeling kinda day. like, fever, chills, aches, sore throat. . yep. my feet were up, i was sipping a cup of hot tea. . i got lonely, so i moved to the kitchen & lay on the couch in there. and then i noticed he was putting MY PART of the puzzle together. i remarked on this, and this was his response:

"well, jenny. when it comes to puzzles, i'm like a great white shark. i'm agitated, on the prowl, and unstoppable. . and tonight, there is chum in the water."


i went to bed right after that. sheesh.

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