Friday, September 04, 2009

the eldest

there have been some big days lately.

finally using the pedals on her tricycle.
learning to obey immediately and cheerfully.

knows these shapes: diamond, star, and triangle.

knows these kinds of birds: robin, blue jay, blue bird.

knows we root for Braves baseball and Auburn football (cough, cough. ah hem.)

knows which animals live in Africa--giraffe, lion, monkey, hippo.

knows what horses eat (hay), pigs eat (dirt), cats eat (cat food), dogs eat (dog food), fish eat (worms), frogs eat (flies), sheep eat (grass), and goats eat (everything).

and most importantly. .

no more diapers.


Anonymous said...

Yah - Natalie!!! You are amazing and beautiful!

dixi + russ said...

congratulations Natalie!
Man, Huggies will be disappointed to hear this news.

Grace said...

Jenny you crack me up! I love your blog! It made me miss you sooo much! Your little girl is beautiful! Wow-those eyes!!!

jenny said...

aw grace! i canNOT believe you read my blog! i gotta say, you're pretty amazing with your big family. i'm so happy for your new addition. keep up the good work!! : ) i would pay you to sit down with me & give me tons of advice on baby-raising. ha! no really, i'm not laughing. PAY YOU!

Grace said...

hey I'm up to doing just about anything if money is envolved...well, okay maybe not ANYTHING. I love being a momma though! It's busy...very busy...and loud...and hectic...and messy...but still fun! :) And you're right, it leaves me little time for much else, but I wouldn't trade it!
e-mail me anytime...i check that more often than I blog!!