Tuesday, September 29, 2009

happy birthday, karis

wow. exactly 1 year ago, at this time, i was lying in the hospital bed with my eyes shut as tight as possible. my husband was sitting beside me, reading Psalms. i made him break out the Bible because i realized that was the only thing that was going to help. i couldn't speak, i couldn't move. and then the puking began. . i'll spare the ugly details.

but i would do it 1,000 times over to keep my Karis bug.

i love how you lay your head on my shoulder in the mornings, as if you've missed me.

i love how when i'm rocking you before you sleep, you push back from me, give me a big grin, and wave nite-nite. . then when i lay you in your crib, you wave to the bears painted on your wall.

i love how you've just started waving & saying 'hey!'. i must say that a lot.

i love how you crawl around the house clutching your 2 rubber bouncy balls with all your might. and when you want to pick up something else, you can't figure out how to do it while holding onto both balls. so funny.

i love how you adore your big sister, even when she does not adore you. hold on, though. just hang in there.

i love how you shake your head til you're so dizzy & you almost fall over backwards.

i love how you make me want ten more babies (sort of. almost.)

i love how you love to touch my nose, for some funny reason only you know.

i already miss how you used to pinch the fire out of the backs of my arms and my neck when you were sleepy and sucking your thumb.

i love how you want to look out the window in the mornings. you wave and say 'hey', as if you're greeting the new day.

i love you extremely. we have only just begun, you and me!

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