Thursday, September 24, 2009

things i have never done. ever.

eaten a cast-away piece of popsicle lying in my drive-way so the ants wouldn't get it.
wiped my babies' runny nose on her shirt.
wiped my babies' runny nose on my shirt.
given my 2-yr old a bucket of water to play with in the sand box. that would be so messy.
picked up cheerios off the living room floor & gave them to the baby for a later snack.
opened up all my lower cabinet doors so the baby could entertain herself while i cooked dinner.
ripped open a box of gummy bears while shopping in walmart so the 2-yr old would quit whining.
let the baby gnaw on a hickory nut while crawling on the deck.
let the baby feed herself pureed brocolli. who wants to clean up that kind of mess??
purposefully created a mud-puddle in the front driveway so the 2-yr old could jump in it.
left a perfectly fine rubbermaid container in the parking lot of the GA Aquarium, full of my 2-yr old's puke. i mean, that's just wrong. no way.
let the baby slobber on my phone umpteen times.
and finally, i have never ever lost a child in my one-level 3-bed/2 bath home.

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