Monday, September 21, 2009

vacation and wild things

so the husband and i took off to God's country and enjoyed a fantastic long weekend at Gulf Shores, AL. . wow, that's a lot of junk to carry for a 2 & a (almost!) 1-yr old for 7 hours in the car. what? what's that she said? ohhhh, they didn't take the babies!wait, what's that slung on my shoulder? oh. nothing. no diaper bag. no blanket. no baby doll. . didn't i miss them? very much. especially at night. i neeeed to tuck them in. i need to nuzzle their noses, bury my head on the side of their neck, sing them their songs ('you are my sunshine' and 'blessed assurance'). sorta like a mother bear to her baby bears.
BUT. it was fantastic. great timing. great distance. great length. great, great, great.

the husband actually needed to see a more important, bigger client there, so we just made it into a mini-vacation. it worked out that as soon as we got there (1:30 pm), he dropped me off at the condo and scooted on to his appointment 3 miles away. oh, sad. that left me ALL ALONE on the beach. with a frappacino. and pat conroy's book 'prince of tides'. and my cell phone (you may have received a choppy text from me during that time). . and yes. the sun was shining. i sat on that beach, walked a bit, swam a bit (although the red flag was up, i tried to play it cool; as if i was a strong swimmer or something) for 3 HOURS.
folks, that was like. . . a warm slice of bread with melted butter and cinnamon and brown sugar on top. no, wait. it was like a whole day to stay in bed. yes, that's more like it. it was that re-energizing.
anyhoo, we didn't do a whole lot of anything. each morning (and there were only 3 of them) we'd meander to the ocean, then to the pool, then back again. we scrimped and saved before we left (i stashed away cash in my underwear drawer, seriously) and we went to eat somewhere nice each night. for us, this is a big deal. . i kept an open mind and had seafood every night.
i grew up on a big lake where i fished uh-lot. and usually caught catfish, which my dad happily fried. one catfish in particular was so horrible that my mom & i got sick. never again. so, for me, i labeled all fish as gross. that is, until my husband came into my life and opened my taste buds to grilled salmon, mahi-mahi, grouper. . . but my one rule is, i will not partake of sea-food if i am more than 50 miles away from the ocean. not gonna do it.

something that was a running theme of this trip, though, was 'things at the ocean that want me dead'. just, take a look at these pictures.
yes, that's a shark. we were standing on a pier and someone had caught him while fishing. they're out there, folks. and they want you dead.
this is a sting ray. he was in the lagoon right behind our condo. i was standing that close to him. i'm pretty sure he's saying 'just a few more steps. i'll bite yer leg off.'
oh yeah. another shark. so that makes 2 sharks definitely in the ocean out there. watch out.

i also had a picture of a hermit crab but i dropped the camera as he lunged for my jugular.
this guy will gnaw your eyeballs off.
and these guys. oh my. can you see them? they're in their camouflage gear. they are waiting, waiting. waiting for that perfect unsuspecting victim. i was almost that victim. . i was sitting in the wet sand, the ocean lapping at my feet and happily munching on a bag of Cheetos (it's vacation, people). suddenly i felt like i was being watched. it was eerie.

and now it's over, but there's nothing like that feeling of being home (um, after the chaos of unpacking, washing clothes, groceries. . ). my girls have their mother's kisses drying on their cheeks as i type. and just as a vacation makes me happy, that makes me even more (happy).

watch for the wild things.

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dixi + russ said...

you gotta watch those sting rays they bite people's legs off all the time.