Friday, October 02, 2009



anyone see David Letterman's monologue on getting blackmailed and such because of his relations with women he works with? it shouldn't surprise me, really. 'it' being sin. well, i'm a little surprised that any of this is being made a big deal. he's a sinner, sinners do that (well, particularly entertainers). anyways, what was sort of appauling is that his audience was applauding and laughing the entire time he was honestly saying 'yes, i have slept with my co-workers. yes, i have broken my relationship with my wife numerous times. yes, that's true.'

there are so many things wrong with this. i don't usually get on a pedestal about things in the media/entertainment because let's face it. . it's a totally different world out there and i could really care less (um, minus any thing having to do with john denver or dolly parton; or the price of cheese in Stokholm). the sins of others have become America's entertainment. and if those sins are by a great, funny, liberal guy like David Letterman. . well, he deserves all the support he can get and gosh darn it. he's just downright courageous.

it's scary, really.

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