Saturday, October 10, 2009

i wish

1. i wish twisty-ties had never been invented.
2. i wish people understood 'your' is possessive, like 'that's your car'. . 'you're' is YOU ARE. like 'you're awesome', not 'your awesome.' your awesome what? my awesome personality?
3. i wish Rosalita would come unload and load my dishwasher every day.
4. i wish i had time to do all the wonderful things that i think about doing.
5. i wish i lived in a treehouse. except when it's cold.
6. i wish i could live off chili-cheese-fritos and coffee and still have all bodily organs functioning and healthy.
7. i wish i was better about non-visual things. like. . . well. i'd have to draw you a picture of what i'm trying to say.
8. i wish i would stop saying 'i wish i'd done this. . ' because i'm so happy with where i am today.
9. i wish i was a morning person.
10. i wish i knew how to argue well.
11. i wish i could talk on the phone & my vision not get blurry. why does this happen??
12. i wish i never had to potty-train another little person again (one can always wish).
13. i wish going to the dentist was the funnest thing in the whole world. just imagine. . your favorite movie on the big screen, an adult beverage in your hand, all your friends are there. . it could be fun.
14. i wish for real hand-written letters again.
15. i wish i could eat McDonald's every day (side of chili-cheese fritos).
16. i wish i would get started on writing children's books.
17. i wish i was as naturally creative and talented as my dad.
18. i wish to go back to Maine one day.
19. i wish to conquer my fear of underwater silos. terrifying.
20. i wish to never see another Geico commercial. ever. gauge my eyeballs out.


Mandy said...

i wish french fries and hamburgers were health food.

i wish i enjoyed writing as much as i enjoy reading.

i wish the vols would stop losing to the gators.

i wish jenny could fly to acapulco and visit me cause i miss her.

i wish i had a nice big coke flavored icee right now.

jenny said...

i wish mandy were called to Polk County.