Monday, October 05, 2009

the pinky promise

well, hope you enjoyed my ONE SERIOUS POST ever. cause i'm sure it'll be light years til that happens again.

whew! now, onto the usual.

so my eldest has recently (like, past 2 months) decided she hates baths. it is pure torture to bathe her and wash her hair. does that keep me from giving her baths? oh no. i'm just relieved and happy that the youngest is not swayed by her big sister's screams while in the tub. she thinks it's down-right humerous, actually.

last night, i was bathing them both. the baby first, she is SO EASY. she sees me pick up the cup full of water, and she trembles with excitement. i kid you not. i pour water all over her little head and, through her sputtering and gulping, she is laughing. so great.

and then i approach the other one. the one who requires a bit more patience. no wait. a lot more. but i get an idea. tonight will be different. she sees the dreaded blue cup and begins to wail. i stop her and say, 'okay. tonight, we're making a Pinky Promise. do you know where your pinky is?' we go through all our fingers until we find the littlest one. i wrap my pinky around hers and hold it tightly. i say 'tonight, you make a Pinky Promise to me that you will not scream while i bathe you. how bout that?' silence. and then: 'okay, mama'.

and that was it. she didn't scream. no crying. no wailing. no tears.

boy, she may be dramatic and moody but i gotta hand it to her. she keeps her promises.

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Anonymous said...

Yah Natalie! So glad you are clean - with no fuss!!! Can't little baby sister show you up! You are the boss around there - show no weakness - it's a jungle out there, Nat!