Wednesday, November 25, 2009

#2 & 3: if it looks funny. .

. . it usually is.

this is a saying i heard my dad say all my growing up years. i don't think i really understood it til i got out on my own and started having life ups and downs. just try it out. the next time you think something looks funny, it probably is.

how's that for deep thoughts?

on to #3: Listen. listen to what? all those voices in your head? (shut up, i'm typing!) sorry. no really. when it seems everyone around you is talking, advice-giving, laughing too loud, crying. . just listen and learn. seriously. i use this on my 2-yr old, actually. she talks uh-lot. i know, i know. if you know her, you're shocked. but really. she talks and talks and talks. and when i really take the time to listen, she's actually telling me things like 'mama, i'm scared' or 'i'm nervous about him' or 'i really want to spend time with you.' and it works.

so listening has worked for me.

next time: stop signs are on the opposite side of the road in Mexico.

you don't wanna miss this one.

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