Friday, November 06, 2009

picture heavy. and video.

so i was walking past the bathroom the other day and saw this: karis standing up on her own, at 13 months. so proud of my lazy-bones! she threw her ball in the tub and tried to go in after it.
'yeah, i'll take a #5, add bacon. . extra mayo.'

'make it snappy, slow poke. don't make me miss my shows.'

karis waving to the neighbor doggie, Izzie. she's become part of the fam. i'm not an animal person, but i heart Izzie.

oh, and this is our neighbor camel.

see any similarities?

this was funny. notice karis is in a backpack on the husband. while he was bent down watching Nat pet the goats, he forgot the baby was on his back. i didn't see it either, but suddenly we realized the camel was harrassing baby in backpack. not sure what happened there, but wish you could've seen how wide her eyes were. . she definitely got a bath that night.

'they stink, mama.'

gimme five.

NOW. GIMME FIVE NOW. this happens about ten times while she eats. one spoon of oatmeal, give her five. two spoons of yogurt. two fives. . .

maybe mom won't notice i've run off to join the circus.

and i'll leave you with this bit of entertainment. i call it 'baa baa bwack sweep'.

i don't know why there are 2 of these.

the end.


Anonymous said...

We have a neigborhood camel too!!

The love the song - so sweet! Thanks for sharing:-)

kaitlin said...

i love those babies!