Wednesday, December 02, 2009

#5, 6, 7 & 8: how fun is this??

#5: babies change every two weeks. just ask a new mom. i'm sorta out of the baby stage right now, although i'm realizing my current 'babies' are also in stages, just maybe not so short. when i became a new mom, what got me was the growth spurts. man, who knew?? the constant eating about wore me out, and when i finally caught up with myself, it was over. oh. it was a growth spurt.

maybe adults change every two weeks, too? hm. gotta think about that one.

#6: it came to pass. this is my favorite Bible verse (look it up). whatever it is, good or bad, it came to pass. amen and amen. boy, i could tell you some stories. .

#7: do it right the first time (unless you're sick or sleep deprived): man. this was one of the biggest, if not the biggest, lesson i had to learn growing up. whenever i came home from school, not to mention saturdays (chore days), my mom would have a couple things she needed doing around the house before i could run outside to play. one time i had to clean the windows on a door which happened to be completely windows (who wants a door to be a window?? a door is a door!!). i cleaned it well, and i quickly tossed my wet rag in the trash and ran out the door to jump on my bike and ride far, far away. well, i missed the trash can and that wet rag landed on mom's clean kitchen floor. boy, you better believe i heard about it when i finally came back into the house for dinner. geez. you woulda thought i'd broken the window. i mean, door. whatever. anyways, i clearly remember her stressing to 'do it right the first time'.

#8: if you park a canoe under a rope swing, careful not to swing into the canoe. . cause i did that once. you can see my leg scar, if you want. . me and a few college buddies took a weekend off to a cabin in Jasper, GA. there was this canoe, which we rode in out to a rope swing that hung on a tree out over the lake. for some reason, i was the only one who wanted to swing (it was pretty cold). i didn't want to drop and swim, but yes, swinging looked fun. so my friends set up a few feet away to laugh at me (i mean, watch me). i took a running start and wheeeeeee! BLAM! my dangling leg slammed into the parked canoe. oh good lord. basically, there was a small piece of meat hanging from my leg. we were in the middle of frickin nowhere, GA. i took my shirt off, yes, and tied it around my leg while we found the nearest cabin to figure out what to do. my friend's brother lived at this cabin (it was a family lake/cabin area. all in the flam-damily). he took a look at it and said it would heal fine. so, we wrapped it and that was it.

okay, so, 10 years later. . small scar, definitely a dent in my leg where apparently the meat escaped. but i do have my leg. : )

careful where you park the canoe, boys and girls.

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