Wednesday, December 16, 2009

#9, 10, 11

boy, this just might take me a year.

#9: when it's dark out, drive with your headlights on. novel idea, right? when i first started driving, there was a handful of times that i remember being hunched over my steering wheel, squinting into the darkness wondering why in the world i couldn't see anything. on one occasion, i was the passenger and my best highschool friend was driving. we were lost (that happened often) on a dirt road. she had also forgotten the whole turn-the-headlights-on-thing, and when she realized it, she was laughing so much that she came to a stop. well, when the lights did come on, we saw what was directly in front of us: nothing. it was a sheer cliff drop-off.

oh, my poor guardian angel.

#10. speaking of driving, i am a passing fiend. . well. . . this has been true. i have this thing about not wanting anybody in front of me so that i can see far, far down the road. i get so antsy when i'm stuck behind a big vehicle or some such. but, as several of you know, i am working on my driving skills thanks to a crazy driving experience i had two weeks ago. well, not crazy. just, a horrific day thanks to one particular speeding ticket. so, i think when i turn 60, that 'things i have learned' list might say something like 'driving slow is so invigorating' or i may have a bumper sticker that says something like 'if you can read this, back off.' yeah, something really cool like that.

#11: best not to have an adult beverage while on cold medicine.

no comment.

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Anonymous said...

Bring on the humidity!

Amy J.