Tuesday, December 29, 2009

bye, winter.

i love early fall. that crispy-ness in the air. the first bowl of home-made chili. faded flannel shirts. camp fires out back. starry nights. . love it.
and it just grows with the excitement of Christmas. the expectation for the girls. the first time we were home on Christmas morning since. . since. . . single-dom? the cookies. the music. the parties (oh, the parties!). thinking of those perfect gifts. teaching Advent, watching it click for the first time. John Denver's Rocky Mountain Christmas. Amen.
but now. now.
come on, summer. come on, flip flops and t-shirts. come on, humidity. bug spray for everyone! walks after dinner, because it's still light out. working in the yard and enjoying it because it's not so freaking cold.
i'm excited about having 20 minutes shaved off the get-out-the-door race. why? flip-flops don't have laces. no jackets. no hats. no pants (i mean, pants, yes. just, easier to get on & off. i'm talking about me, here).
i know there are mosquitos out there who are laughing their little tails off right now. i know humidity will melt my babies in seconds. i know getting in the car at 95 degrees is not fun.
but i'm ready. so, move out of the way, winter. summer's trying to get in.

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