Monday, December 07, 2009

gone are the days.

gone are the cute Christmas photos. gone are the days i can prop them up, give a command, and voila. Christmas picture is done.

natalie: she's bovering me.
karis: can you see me?

natalie: if i just squeeze this pressure point right here. .
karis: is this better? can you see me now?

natalie: phhhhth.
karis: that wasn't me.

natalie: i poot.
karis: so immature.

natalie: did you hear that? he hehe.
karis: scuse me, i dropped my cell phone.

natalie: i crack myself up.
karis: can you see my reindeer, mom?

natalie: hey, hey. do you remember that time...
karis: oh my gosh, so funny.

natalie: who you callin
karis: calling is so out, sister. i textin my peeps.

natalie: oh i know. i can text with one hand.
karis: shoot! that phone is so slippery!

natalie: this is the exact same picture from a few frames ago.
karis: no doubt. i'm callin a real photographer.

natalie: if i just give you a little shove. .
karis: whoooooaaa!

karis: i can count on this hand how many times you have done that to me.
natalie: get over it.

karis: i'm callin my case worker.


The Jones Family said...

Hilarious! I'm laughing out loud... I love your wittiness (is that a word?)

Anonymous said...

I love add-lib (how do you spell that?) with the Long girls! My fav!!! Tell Karis her Foster Mother awaits her phone call!