Monday, January 04, 2010

a conversation

'mama, where is the sun going?'
'behind the clouds.'
'but where is it going?'
'it's going down.'
'oh. is the moon coming up?'
'yep, getting ready for night-time.'
'but where is it going?'
pause. 'it comes up. after the sun goes down.'
'oh. but it's not dark in my room.'
'nope, you have lights on.'
'mama, you're a good mama.'
another pause. 'thanks! you're a good daughter!'
'mama, where's daddy?'
'he's at work.'
'who are at work there?'
'mrs. kristie, mrs. jennifer, mr. mark, mr. jimmy..'
'but where is daddy?'
'he's at work, at his office today. downtown.'
'is he at his office?'
'mama, i like karis.'
'great! she likes you, too.'
'but the sun is going down.'
'you got it.'