Thursday, January 28, 2010

here we GWO. .

don't you love all the ways i use GWO? well, let's get GWOing on this post. . don't worry, there's more.

well, eight of us college friends met in Townsend, TN in a little cabin right outside of Cades Cove. there was actually snow and ice on the ground, but not on the roads anymore. it was strange not sitting by the radio this year, listening for the latest weather updates. we missed that drama by one weekend! thankfully. . so here are a few pictures, in random order.
we had a rodent friend that mindy & melissa properly disposed of. .
here's the gang, minus Dara and plus baby Logan. we're excited to find out if any babies will be joining our next GWO weekend. ya just never know!
here we are eating. we eat uh-lot. we're actually getting ready to go into Sevierville in this picture.
here's Dara, mama Melinda and her newest addition, Logan. this is pretty much what we do all weekend. no showering, PJ's only, lots of catching up. it felt really really good to be here.
and here's me, warning Triangle Pants to back up off my brownie. or else.
here we are at the end of our very long hike/walk.
in the middle of our very long hike/walk. is it just me or do we look fresh out of an LL Bean catalogue? i'll take model #2, size medium, color boisenberry. thanks.
this is what we did the entire hike/walk. uphill both ways. seriously.

there ya have it. nothing too exciting, but extremely uplifting and so darn funny. so until next GWO!

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