Tuesday, January 12, 2010

whoa, GWO!

GWO years in review. . why? because this weekend, gals & gents (wait, do any gents read this blog??), is GWO 2010. that's right. get ready. strap on your snow boots. for real. we're headed to the Smokies.
GWO 2009, Rome, GA. it was originally going to be in Cedar Bluff, AL, but the sweet cabin we were in had frozen pipes. so, we re-located to a fantastic, warm, beautiful home in the suburbs.

Karis had a buddy, Charlie. he is a boy, but we allowed him in. he promised to keep his ESPN watchin' on the down low.
these are pics from all the games we play. we play lots of games. it's hi-larious, ya'll. i think this was Mindy acting out being a stewardess on a plane, and maybe Stacie was the terrorist on board? not sure.
BFF's Mindy & Wendi. again, not sure.
this is GWO 2008 in Hot-Lanta. but it wasn't really hot. snow & ice here, too.

this was the most exciting GWO yet. the year of '07. we started in a fantastic cabin in the plains in Tulsa, OK. then the huge ice storm hit, we lost power, trees started falling, and we high-tailed it outta there.
not sure why this is so teeny tiny. this is when we arrived back in the 'burbs of Tulsa. all of our flights had been cancelled, so we were having fun being stuck for a couple more days than planned.
and this was GWO '06 in Dallas, TX. it's Texas, people. gotta wear a cowboy hat. this is me in a corn field.

this is us outside the Roy Rogers municipal building, something or other. we saw a rodeo. we inducted the cowgirl in the back into the GWO group.
traveling in Dallas. always stylin with my ten-gallon hat. the girl on the left, up front? oh, fixin to move to Guam to be a missionary in 2 weeks. yep. we're a pretty cool group.
this was my first GWO '03 in Gatlinburg. boy, what young whipper snappers we were. no husbands, no babies. ahhh. the girl in the middle, grey sweatshirt? recently received her doctorate in the area of school psychology. i was in most psych classes with her through-out college, but obviously did not retain as much as she did.
at the Cabbage Patch factory with friend Dara. i make a pretty cute baby. friend Dara and i shared a bunk this weekend. i vividly remember talking late into the night about men, why we love 'em, why we hate 'em (we were both very single, no masculine figure on the horizon at that time whatsoever). the next year, we were married. in two more years, we had a baby. the year after that, we had another baby. the year after that, another b-- just kidding. gotcha.
very similar, folks.

so, there you have Girls Weekend Out in review. aside from the card games, board games, and mind games, i love GWO weekend because everyone always gets a good, long time to share their own 'year in review'--struggles, ups & downs, revelations, relationships. once we're done with our 'story', we all take turns praying over each other, gearing us up for the coming year. it's the most uplifting thing, for me, to start off my years. .

i'm hoping the snow & ice will still be around in the mountains, but i also hope for smooth roads & functioning heat and water. wish us luck.


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jenny said...

so glad you stopped by, but really. we all speak English.