Tuesday, February 23, 2010

love him.

i love him when. .
..after bathing the eldest, toweling her, and putting on warm jammies, i hear him say 'now let's put one of these thinga-ma-jiggies in your hair.'
..he is trying his hardest to put on 'Cinder-whewa's' (cinderella) doll clothes while an anxious 2-yr old dances nervously at his side.
..he brings home girl scout cookies because he knows i love them.
..he really really loves my cooking.
..he plays the Knight Rider theme song randomly while watching TV. because he knows i love the Knight Rider theme song (really!).
..he tackles huge projects like chopping trees down in the backyard, even when they land on our neighbor's fence and squash it to pieces.
..he makes a Mama snowman, a Daddy snowman, and a Baby snowman in the front yard.
..my two fairly mild daughters turn into crazy banshees, jumping and climbing all over him when he comes home.
..he sings the Dora theme song, because he knows she loves it.
..he makes banana pancakes on saturday mornings.
..he does not stick to the $25 christmas gift budget.
..he makes huge roaring fires in the backyard and stays out there almost the entire night.
..he cleans my car. because it gets so gross with sticky poptart pieces, kleenex's, and random socks everywhere.
..he secretly reads my blog. and thinks it's great.
..he continues to be the hardest-working man i know, and the most patient with me, who, let's face it: can be neurotic, impatient, moody, and downright mean. but wait, this post isn't about me, is it??


Grace said...

What a sweet post Jenny!

Grace Wheeler said...

jenny, i'm going to be doing my own variation of a "mcklinky" post Monday and wondered if i could use this post as an example of what I'm looking for? I want my mcklinky'ers to post why we love our hubbies sort of thing.