Sunday, February 14, 2010

orlando is a really long drive.

it really is. . but first, a monologue...

oh hi. i was just laying here. . wha?
what is THIS?
i LOVE these! i saw one on the QVC channel the other day..
what? it's a what? no, surely not. .
that's ridiculous. this is NOT a suitcase. it's a magic-flying-box-of-macaronis. i swear it.
WHAT? what is SHE doing here? get her outta here!
oh alright. i'll share.

so, charleston for burger king. orlando was THE rental convention. the husband sells rental insurance, so he had to be there with bells on. well, no, he wasn't wearing bells. but that would've been cool.
we arrive sunday evening, just in time for the big super bowl party/vice-president birthday/retirement party. i've never done so much shmoozing in my entire life in these past two weekends.
monday i set out to explore. and found the area we were in was a bit like Panama City, but a little more sophisticated and a lot more foreign. as in, nobody spoke English.
tuesday i didn't leave the hotel room. it was fantastic. i drank waaay too much coffee, and when i ran out of the little room packets, i stalked a room service lady & asked for a 'few more packets', which she promptly handed over the motherload of coffee, cream, and sugar. i'm positive she didn't speak English, either.
tuesday night the group that paid for this trip took us all to Universal Studios. that was fun. but let me tell you. . i'm not 15 years old anymore. instead of making me feel high on life, roller coasters now make me feel a bit like giving birth to a baby while riding a bike down a rail-road track.
not pleasant.
BUT. guess who i met?

i was SO EXCITED. i'm fairly certain Dora was calling security in her little earpiece, as i was the most excited adult to see her.
needless to say, i missed my little girls back home.
side note: notice Sponge-Bob in the background. or, as one slightly inebreated old man said 'that Bob-Sponge-Pants feller.'

so, this sister is taking off her traveling pants.. for now.
and putting on her snow boots, apparently. good grief! welcome back to the frozen tundra!

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