Friday, February 05, 2010

out and about

So, biggest difference in the months of January and February in 2010 so far, is this stay-at-home-walmart & young-moms-on-mondays-girls-meeting-on-tuesdays-small-group-on-wednesdays-church-on-sundays kinda gal will be way out of town three times when March finally comes along. . iiii know. so strange, really. i think in the past few years i have packed my suitcase maybe a total of four or five times. and that's not a bad thing, especially with two little bitties. and this chronic infectious disease i have that i don't want to spread around. . oh, nevermind.

anyhoo, this time of year is pretty busy for the husband at the ol' job. he's on the road uh-lot. he told me several months ago that he'd be gone to charleston, sc and orlando, fl (does anyone get mad that i don't capitilize?) for two weekends in a row. at first, my thought was 'hm. that's a lot of eating at mcdonald's. yippee!'). then, after further thought and lots of encouragement from him, i decided to go on not one trip, but two of the business trips.

some girls get out. some girls don't. i don't, but i do in january & february of 2010. and here's my post of charleston, sc. . well, a backdrop: the husband and his boss wanted to go to a Burger King convention (hooray!) in order to make themselves known as an excellent insurance company to Burger King owners.

and who exactly are the types of folks that own Burger Kings? buh-zillionaires. but more on that later.

so, above is the view from our hotel room, down Meeting Street.
and above is the front of our hotel. it was gorgeous, really nice. i did not walk around in overalls here. sadly.

so, what did i do with my time while the husband was in lots of all-day meetings? i walked around a lot (and enjoyed HBO in the ol' hotel room. heck yes). here's one of the 50 cemetaries that are within a 5 block radius. i noticed this particular tombstone. it's a lovely lady's name inscribed, and looks to have died at a very old age. the epitaph simply reads 'she did her best'. seriously?? man, she probably had 8 of his children, worked from sun up to sun down, and that's all he said about her. geez.

loved this red burst over gloomy cemetary #27.

and what else did i do after all that walking?? went to a cooking class, of course! above, you have the seating area in front of the kitchen and chefs (notice wine glasses. it was divine). we, the students, didn't actually cook anything, we just watched and asked questions (my one question was 'now, could i serve this goat-cheese stuffed chicken breast next to tater tots? cause i love tater tots'). . just kidding. it was so entertaining. i learned a lot. like, did you know you had to peel garlic before you minced it? had no idea. without that peel, garlic just comes spurtin out all over the place! woulda' thunk it! annd, did you know you don't have to completely peel an onion before you start cutting it? yep, time saver there. . annd, probably the most helpful piece of info is, if you cook veggies over 6 minutes, you've most likely killed all the nutrients. hm. so, keep it to 5 1/2 minutes, folks.

the real funny part was i was the youngest gal in there BY FAR. by like, 30 years. everyone else were the spouses of these Burger King owners, who had come to these conventions in the past. i spied an empty seat next to a beautiful older lady, who introduced herself as Emmie. very kind lady. this was the conversation around me. .

'oh, hello, Emmie! so nice to see you again. . i hear we're doing chicken this year, very exciting! yes, darling. chardonney would be so lovely with it. unlike the pork from 2007. how is bill? ohhh, owning your 7th restaurant, eh? you must be ROLLING in the DOUGH. love your diamonds, simply lovely.'

yeah. and here i am. but seriously, loving every minute. soaking it up.

and you have to love all the churches in charleston.
and THIS couple was simply ADORABLE!

moving on to my other real life. . .

two adorable kids. playing happily. rare.
karis had been trying & trying to get her turn at the big-girl table. if natalie's room door was open, she would book it in there to climb on top of the table and eat the crayons. finally, one day, i thought 'hm. she may not even know how to sit at a table like a human being.' so, i forced her little self to sit on her bottom in the chair. and it was like a light went off. ah HA. this is what they do! ever since, this is her favorite past-time. she'll sit here for ever, swinging her little feet, laughing. and of course, eating crayons.
eating cookies on TOP of the ball pit. yep. last year, the ball pit lasted almost a full year. this year, the new Christmas-ball pit lasted barely one month. those kids must be getting heavier.

and i end with this video. check out karis walking, and distressed child in the background. (again, always uploads 2 videos, not sure why)

thanks for stopping by! off to orlando this weekend! iiiii know!

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