Tuesday, March 16, 2010

. . and we're back.

finally. functioning, fast, new computer. ahhhh. we still haven't retrieved my old pictures off the other one, but, i'm hopin'. here are a few updated glimpses of our little life!

a particularly lazy evening.
karis loves shoes. and being naked. help me.
what's missing in this picture? (besides Maria the housekeeper) the HIGHCHAIR! now we deal with more fun things like Karis climbing onto the table, but hey. i cleaned that stinkin tray for THE LAST TIME. this year. i think.
i'm sure everyone recalls the only warm day Rome, GA has had in the year 2010. we loved it. had a picnic. here is Karis hovering over Natalie, waiting for any piece of fruit to accidentally jump out of her bowl.
oh my gosh, mama! look at all that laundry you did! i'm so proud! (this makes me feel better)
all for now!

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