Sunday, March 07, 2010


bet you think i'm talking about my bloggy-woggy. . not so! i'm talking about (drumroll)
West Rome Walmart!

anyone seen it lately? cause i bet it blows East Rome Walmart out of the water. i am so pumped. fresh paint, new signs. they actually added a 'bread' sign on the bread aisle. for the longest time i swore this Walmart didn't sell bread because there wasn't a sign. yes, that's the way i work. new pharmacy, wide aisles. no, i can't find toothpaste, but i know it's there. somewhere. give me time.

unfortunately, makeovers for the employees was not in the mix. oh well. here's hopin' that's in the budget for 2011.

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Mandy said...

west rome walmart--now on my list of things to see and do next time i'm home. how exciting!